LifeStyle Architects

Transforming Lives

“Everything Great Starts with a Strong Foundation”

Our Vision

To improve the lives of all, by providing human services, social services, food/nutrition, financial literacy, health/fitness etc.

Our Mission

To transform our community into a strong, vibrate, healthy, charitable environment of positive interaction, caring, growth and development. To assist in the belief, all is available to each one of us to be, do and have everything we need, want and desire. Through leadership, personal growth, education, Life skill, determination, persistency, and consistency.

Imagine the Possibilities

LifeStyle Architects is about serving the public interest through achieving a greater awareness for each individual, and for the community as a whole.  We transform individuals and the community by elevating the eight areas of life.

Love and Relationships

Knowing the correct “Love Language”. The power of forgiveness. Honoring commitments. Responsibility for  relationship conflict. Honesty, openness & trust.


Doing our part for a better community and beyond. Educating to Remove toxic chemicals from our lives and the world as a whole.

Health and Wellness

The value of strength, cardio, and stretching. The importance of hydration. Nature and the suns energy. A healthy start to each day. The evils that plague our good intentions

Money and Finance

Financial statement/portfolio, Saving 10% and the 6 month reserve. The difference between good and bad debt. Last will and testament up to date. Understanding retirement planning.

Friends and Family

The importance of focused time with family or friends. Sharing hobbies and interest with like-minded people.

Fun and Recreation

Vacations without work commitments. Cultural Events, Adventures, trying new things & creating diverse experiences. Being present in the moment, daydreaming, time for hobbies, living life to the fullest.

Business and Career

Planning my day. Goals in writing. Feelings of accomplishment, significance and satisfaction. Improving my professional strengths. Loving what I do, & making a positive difference.

Personal and Spiritual Growth

Living in accordance with my spirituality-practice and beliefs. The importance of meditation. Helping others heal & make connections.

What People Are Saying

“LifeStyle Architect's LifeSkills is a unique program which will assist Teens and Veterans who may fall through the cracks…they have my full support in their efforts which will have a positive effect on the community”

Perris Mayor Vargas, 2017

Melody has a true passion to make sure everyone has the opportunity to thrive in life. Her programs focus on skills needed to make that happen!

This is just what the community of Perris needs for its youth and veterans!! ... Thank you Life Style Architects

Great in Eight

Personal development and positive community interaction

Book Club



Paint Night

Game Time

Life Skills Program

Donate & Support

All proceeds and donations help support Lifestyle Architects to improve lives in all 8 major areas.