About Us

LifeStyle Architects is about serving the public interest through achieving a ‘greater awareness’ for each individual, and for the community as a whole. The primary goal is to create an integrated Community that is designed around a healthy, cohesive atmosphere by assisting people in improving their lives.  

How We Help

The Great in Eight (personal development and positive community interaction) Club running multiple segments: etc.

    BookClub (personal development focused)
    Paint Night
    Game Night (educational/financial board games)

The Skills-building aspect (“LSA Life-Skills”), will provide access to 42 life skills that are essential for a strong, personal foundation.  Other “vertical” efforts designed to facilitate skills-building and/or community awareness that will promote LifeStyle Architects

Philosophy & Mission

To transform our community into a strong, vibrate, healthy, charitable environment of positive interaction, caring, growth and development. To assist in the belief, all is available to each one of us to be, do and have everything we need, want and desire. Through leadership, personal growth, education, Life skill, determination, persistency, and consistency.

Education, Personal Development, and Knowledge

We provide education, personal development, and knowledge through dedicated reading, activities, and goals sheets.
We increase community connectivity through seminars and workshops, book club, and paint nights.
We are assist people in changing direction and “Architect” their lives through self-study and improvement in decisions, relationships, and finances.

What We Offer

LSA Lifeskills Architects

A LifeStyle Architects Program
Producing Confidence in Eight Major Areas of Life through Skills-Building


Personal Development Literature

Personal Development literature and audiobook list are available from authors like:
Jim Rohn
Napoleon Hill
Grant Cardone
Darren Hardy


We host numerous special events throughout the year to raise funds to help our customers.  Learn more and join us!