Let Go and Enjoy……

Do you sometimes feel as if you are holding on so tight to something that you do not enjoy it?

I can recall a time in my childhood, I was at an event with my mother. There was a raffle and we were each given a ticket. When they called my ticket number, I was so surprised, and scared and excited. You see I was a very inverted child, shy, scared to talk to people “strangers” and in no way ready to walk up to the stage to get whatever it was that I had won! I looked at my mom and she said, hurry up, they are waiting, go get your prize!

I remember going up to the stage and being so scared. The lady was so nice and met me at the front corner of the stage. She handed me a small box. I ran back to my mom, not even looking at all the other people I passed. When I looked in the fancy floral printed box, it was a set of scented stationaries.  Of course, this was back when we actually wrote letters, on paper!!

I remember it was so pretty, and smelled so good, I loved it!

So, I kept it, and never used it for the purpose it was intended. There were many times as a child, teen and young adulthood I could have enjoyed writing on that paper, and there were many times if shared with family and friends, they would have enjoyed receiving my hand-written letter on that nice floral scented paper. But I held it so close, and cherished it so much, it was never enjoyed. I never shared it.

 I don’t even know what happened to it. Lost now in the shuffle of adult life. Left behind, somewhere. Writing this now, I have feelings about this. It actually brings tears to my eyes. Even though it was just a small event in my life, many years ago.

Things happen in our lives all the time that leave “feelings” behind. These feelings are “Stuck” in the flow of our chakra energy. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they seem bad. Even this event although good, makes me feel stupid or silly for not enjoying it. If I do not release this karmic energy, it will stay with me and effect my life and my future.

These things can happen in all areas of life. Maybe we are holding on to a relationship we need to release, or at least loosen the grasp. How about material things we no longer need? Someone else could be enjoying them…

There is a saying “If you love something set it free, if it comes back to you, it is yours, if it doesn’t it never was”. I think the key here is to Release….and set yourself free…….