Is Extraordinary just ordinary with a little extra?

The definition of extraordinary is; go beyond what is usual, regular or customary, above what is expected, or remarkable. Ordinary is with no special or distinctive features, normal, commonplace, standard.
Who sets these standards? Are we not all extraordinary in one way or another? Is there actually anyone on this earth that is ordinary in every way? We all have distinctive features. Why are we made to feel otherwise? Our fingerprints for one, are all distinct. There is no standard, no commonplace. What about our eyes? Our smile? Actually, everything about each of us is extraordinary!
We are not here in this lifetime to be held down or held back. We are born with only love in our heart. To experience anything and everything we can. To learn lessons, to grow, learn, experience, and feel all kinds of things. Some are what we consider good and some what we consider bad. But I question, is there really good or bad, or is it just our feelings that make them so? I have learned that when everything goes full circle, it all makes sense and the bad becomes necessary for the good and the good completes, what we consider, bad.
God/Spirit/The Universe will give me what I Need, not always what I want or expect. Sometimes I need to forget the rational and do what is right so I can move on in a better direction. What am I willing to release today in order to heal today?
Have an open heart, open mind and a desire to become more spiritually awakened. You have to take the first step in order to accomplish the footprints in the sand….